When parsing dates, you often need to know how weekdays of the week and months are represented as text. This pair of functions allows you to either create your own, or retrieve from a standard list. The standard list is derived from ICU (http://site.icu-project.org) via the stringi package.

date_names(mon, mon_ab = mon, day, day_ab = day, am_pm = c("AM", "PM"))




mon, mon_ab

Full and abbreviated month names.

day, day_ab

Full and abbreviated week day names. Starts with Sunday.


Names used for AM and PM.


A BCP 47 locale, made up of a language and a region, e.g. "en" for American English. See date_names_langs() for a complete list of available locales.


#> <date_names> #> Days: Sunday (Sun), Monday (Mon), Tuesday (Tue), Wednesday (Wed), Thursday #> (Thu), Friday (Fri), Saturday (Sat) #> Months: January (Jan), February (Feb), March (Mar), April (Apr), May (May), #> June (Jun), July (Jul), August (Aug), September (Sep), October #> (Oct), November (Nov), December (Dec) #> AM/PM: AM/PM
#> <date_names> #> Days: 일요일 (일), 월요일 (월), 화요일 (화), 수요일 (수), 목요일 (목), 금요일 #> (금), 토요일 (토) #> Months: 1월, 2월, 3월, 4월, 5월, 6월, 7월, 8월, 9월, 10월, 11월, 12월 #> AM/PM: 오전/오후
#> <date_names> #> Days: dimanche (dim.), lundi (lun.), mardi (mar.), mercredi (mer.), jeudi #> (jeu.), vendredi (ven.), samedi (sam.) #> Months: janvier (janv.), février (févr.), mars (mars), avril (avr.), mai (mai), #> juin (juin), juillet (juil.), août (août), septembre (sept.), #> octobre (oct.), novembre (nov.), décembre (déc.) #> AM/PM: AM/PM